The next generation of floor cleaning technology


Introducing KLOK MOP: The Smarter, Faster, More Hygienic Cleaning Solution

Are you tired of traditional mops pushing the mess around, using the same water for washing and rinsing? Say goodbye to load spread and welcome the Klok Mop, the revolutionary cleaning system that delivers serious cleaning power in a lightweight, cordless, and power-free design.

Effective Cleaning with Swedish Technology

Klok Mop employs Swedish one-way check valve technology, keeping clean rinse water separate from the dirty waste. This eliminates the need for constant water exchanges, ensuring a hygienic and efficient cleaning process.

  • Quick & easy glide motion
  • Super absorbent, self-cleaning pads
  • No twisting or squeezing required
  • No refilling of water buckets needed
  • Perfect for Various Surfaces

In the bathroom, Klok Mop scrubs walls, removes dirt from tile grout, degreases slippery floors, and lifts shower screen scum, delivering a sparkling fresh, hygienic clean without bending or scrubbing. Don’t forget outdoor decks, car wheel trims, bumpers, boats, and vans—Klok Mop cleans like the professionals do.

Klok Mop (parts)

Klok Mop employs Swedish one-way check valve technology, keeping clean rinse water separate from the dirty waste. This eliminates the need for constant water exchanges, ensuring a hygienic and efficient cleaning process.

  • Effective
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Swivel Sweep
  • Easy Clean
  • Perfect for Wet or Dry Mess
  • Self Cleaning Reusable Pads
  • Intuitive clean/waste water separator

Enkel: Swedish for simple.

Cleaning floors can feel like a daunting task. Most mops simply move dirt around, using the same water for washing and rinsing. Klok Mop, however, changes the game. It’s a smarter, faster, and more hygienic way to clean. Klok Mop boasts serious cleaning power, capable of trapping up to 20 times its weight in water. It penetrates deep to remove dirt and grime, providing a better and more hygienic clean every time. Ideal for maintaining various hard surfaces like tiles, wood, stone, ceramic, and vinyl.

What sets Klok Mop apart is its engineered technology, keeping clean and rinse water separate from dirty waste. This eliminates the need for constant water exchanges, hailed by professionals as an industry game-changer. Klok Mop is lightweight, cordless, and power-free, making it quick and easy to use.

Klok Mop is not limited to indoor use. It excels at outdoor cleaning, from decks and steps to car wheels, trims, bumpers, boats, and vans. Klok Mop is your all-in-one solution, saving time and money while delivering a fresher, more hygienic clean every time.

To start, fill the clean water chamber for a sterile finish, add sanitizer to wet the cleaning pad, and activate the freshwater delivery system. Klok Mop is now ready to glide over surfaces.

The interwoven hooks and loops of the cleaning pad reach deep to peel back dirt and grime, locking it into the pads. Klok Mop’s web-like weave eliminates load spread, effectively cleaning accidental spills, scuffs, stains, and more.

When the pad becomes dirty, a simple rinse and clean process refreshes it for reuse, saving money on replacement pads. The self-cleaning system, with brushes and bristles, efficiently removes trapped dirt and grime, channeling debris into the waste chamber.


The next generation of floor cleaning technology.


Using Klok Mops clever one way flow valve technology the dirty water chamber catches & traps the mop heads dirt & grime as you spin to clean the mop head. The patented paddle brush bristles reach down in between the heads fibres to lift and seperate all that dirt and grime, sending it down across the tubs contoured water path, then down through the one way flow control channel to the dirty water chamber.

Unlike other mops, you never need to run Klok Mops head under water to rinse and clean. The paddle brush does it all for you.

Klok Mop cleaning tips
Klok Mop, mop and bucket 2
Klok Mop usage
Klok Mop cleaning tips
Klok Mop bucket
Klok Mop head and mop

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Klok Mop bucket

Klok Mop Bucket

The Klok Mop System comes fully assembled ready for use.

The Klok Mop has two buckets. The inner bucket holds the clean water and the mop mechanism. The outer bucket retains the dirty water after mopping. You may wish to remove the inner bucket for cleaning. To remove the inner chamber simply lift it straight up and out by its handle.

When returning the inner bucket to the outer bucket, first make sure that the handle of the outer bucket is laid horizontal to the side of the outer bucket with a notch.

Then return the inner bucket to the outer bucket making sure that the handles of each bucket are on the same side and the arrows on the inner and outer buckets align.

Klok Mop head and mop

Klok Mop Pole and Mop Head

  1. Screw upper pole and middle pole tightly together.
  2. Screw the bottom pole and middle pole tightly together.
  3. Now that the mop handle pole is assembled, tightly screw the pole into the mop plate.
  4. Gently press the white side of the microfiber mop pad onto the base of the mop plate.

Using the Klok Mop

  • 1. Preparing the Klok Mop bucket.

    Add clean water to the inner bucket. You can add water from the two inlets at the corners of the inner bucket as shown below or you can open the transparent cover at the top of the inner bucket, add water directly to the central chamber, then replace the cover. Feel free to add cleaning or disinfecting products to the mop water for an even deeper clean. We recommend using streak and residue-free cleaners.

  • 2. Readying the Klok Mop handle.

    Release the latch on the lower part of the mop pole.

  • 3. Wetting / Washing the mop head.

    To wash the mop, place the mop plate straight down into the bucket aligning the centre of the mop with the central bearing in the middle of the bucket.  Pull the pole handle upwards to its highest level so it is fully extended.  This action should extend the mop by approximately 40cms. Then push all the way down firmly.  This motion pumps water onto the mop head and activates the spinning of the mop head.  When the pole is pushed down as low as it can go hold that position for 2 seconds.  Repeat this action 5-10 times to completely wash the mop head.

  • 4. Drying the mop head.

    To spin dry the mop, pull the pole handle upwards only a short distance of approximately 15cm.  Push down fast and then lift the handle straight back up again a short distance and push down fast once more.  Repeat this motion 10 times.  The faster you repeat this up and down motion the dryer the mop head will become. Lifting the pole handle this short distance activates the spinning motion of the mop but not the water pump within the bucket hence the mop head spins dry.

  • 5. Mopping the floor.

    Once the mop is dry remove it from the bucket and place the mop head on the floor. Adjust the pole length to a comfortable height and close the latch on the lower part of the mop pole so the pole length cannot change. You can then mop your floor.

  • 6. Draining the water.

    After you have finished mopping it is time to remove the dirty water from the outer chamber within the bucket. To do this you can pull-out the drainage plug located on the outside of the bucket at the base and poor the water down the sink. Another option is to lift out the inner chamber and pour the dirty water down the sink.

The pads are finally interwoven, with hooks and loops reaching deep down to peel back built-up dirt and grime. Then, they lock the dirty catch into the pad’s spider web-like weave, eliminating load spread. Whether it’s accidental food or drink spills, scuffs, or marks, stains, or dust, Klok Mop cleans it all, working hard to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime. Klok Mop reaches all those hard-to-get-at areas that regular mops just can’t get to.

When the pad chokes up, it’s time to rinse and clean, refreshing the pad so it’s ready to use again and again, saving money on replacement pads. Place the pad onto the system’s cleaning brush and push the handle down faster and faster. As the pad starts to spin, the self-cleaning begins. The brushes’ tough cleaning bristles reach deep down, loosening and releasing all that trapped dirt and grime.

The debris flows over the system’s contoured drainage channel directly into the waste chamber. While the freshwater chamber remains pristine and clean, to dry the pad, use shorter strokes to increase spin speed and watch the pad dry in no time. And unlike traditional mops, there’s no twisting or squeezing handles, no refilling water buckets.

Klok Mop cleans smarter, not harder. Klok Mop does it all. Save time, save money with Klok Mop, delivering a fresher, more hygienic clean every time. Klok Mop: Swedish for simple.

Klok Mop, how to assemble and use:

  • First, fill the Clean Water chamber for a sterile finish.
  • Add your favourite sanitizer to wet the cleaning pad.
  • Uncap the handle locking lever, then move it up and down. This activates the freshwater delivery system. The one-way directional flow valve sends clean water up and out from the freshwater chamber directly onto the cleaning pad.
  • Klok Mops are now ready to go to work as it glides over the surface.
Klok Mop usage

Customer Testimonials

Enkel Klok Mop

Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

Learn from the experts with these ten easy cleaning tips:

  1. Pre-dry sweep the floor using the Klok Mop’s dry pad.
  2. Use cold water to fill the system for optimal cleaning.
  3. Add distilled white vinegar for a deeper clean.
  4. Avoid over-soaking the cleaning pad.
  5. Clean in a figure-eight motion for effective debris collection.
  6. Always rinse, clean, and dry the pad.
  7. Apply extra pressure for hard-to-clean areas.
  8. Add essential oil for a fresher smell in the clean rinse chamber.

Choose Klok Mop for cleaner, smarter results every time, and experience the efficiency of professional-grade cleaning in the comfort of your home.

Klok Mop cleaning tips