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Introducing KLOK MOP: The Smarter, Faster, More Hygienic Cleaning Solution. Are you tired of traditional mops pushing the mess around, using the same water for washing and rinsing? Say goodbye to load spread and welcome the Klok Mop, the revolutionary cleaning system that delivers serious cleaning power in a lightweight, cordless, and power-free design.

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Perfect for Various Surfaces

Cleaning floors can feel like a daunting task. Most mops simply move dirt around, using the same water for washing and rinsing. Klok Mop, however, changes the game. It’s a smarter, faster, and more hygienic way to clean. Klok Mop boasts serious cleaning power, capable of trapping up to 20 times its weight in water. It penetrates deep to remove dirt and grime, providing a better and more hygienic clean every time. Ideal for maintaining various hard surfaces like tiles, wood, stone, ceramic, and vinyl.

What sets Klok Mop apart is its engineered technology, keeping clean and rinse water separate from dirty waste. This eliminates the need for constant water exchanges, hailed by professionals as an industry game-changer. Klok Mop is lightweight, cordless, and power-free, making it quick and easy to use.

Klok Mop is not limited to indoor use. It excels at outdoor cleaning, from decks and steps to car wheels, trims, bumpers, boats, and vans. Klok Mop is your all-in-one solution, saving time and money while delivering a fresher, more hygienic clean every time.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

  • Quick & easy glide motion.
  • Super absorbent, self-cleaning pads holds up to 20 times its weight in water.
  • No twisting or squeezing required. To spin dry the mop, pull the pole handle upwards only a short distance of approximately 15cm. Push down fast and then lift the handle straight back up again a short distance and push down fast once more.
  • No refilling of water buckets needed. The Klok Mop has two buckets. The inner bucket holds the clean water and the mop mechanism. The outer bucket retains the dirty water after mopping.

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