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Excess moisture in internal storage spaces is a common problem, and leads to damaging mold and mildew issues. Which in turn can cause staining and discolouration – in many household products; particularly clothes and linen. A damp internal space can also cause unpleasant and unhealthy odours.

The solution is Damp Guard, which eliminates excessive moisture and the associated problems. Simply hang Damp Guard in a trouble spot, and it will extract moisture from the atmosphere, leaving the surrounding air dry and fresh, and free from unhealthy, musty odours.

And unlike comparable products on the market, Damp Guard contains no renewable, replacement parts. When Damp Guard has absorbed as much excess moisture as it can contain, simply hang Damp Guard outside and the natural process of evaporation will restore Damp Guard’s moisture retention properties.

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  • Guards against damp and mildew
  • Extracts ambient moisture
  • Prevents stale and musty odours
  • Helps keep indoor air fresh

Damp Guard absorbs and traps damp and mildew in its membranes. Once the membrane is fully saturated Damp Guard’s tear drop indicator turns brown. To begin the self-rejuvenating process simply place Damp Guard in a heated environment to extract the moisture from the membrane – Damp Guard will then be ready to re-use.

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Damp Guard

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Damp spaces, Wardrobe


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